Fragrances and essential oils

There are various kinds of fragrances that you can add into the homemade soap that you are crafting in order to get a nice aroma every time you use the soap. The fragrance suppliers will be able to tell you the specific ones that can be used for soaps. The fragrances that you use need to be right for soap making since they can sometimes interact with the various elements of the soap making process. In all probability they will also have samplers that you can smell from or use on your skin to get an idea of the kind of fragrance that you are purchasing. In case you are making soap from scratch you need to know that there are some fragrances that are good for the hot process and the cold process. So do make sure that you check up on this before you purchase.

The fragrances that you are likely to get in the soap suppliers shop are likely to be divided into 2 categories - natural and chemical. While either can be used for making soap you need to choose the former in case you want a soap that contains natural ingredients. The natural fragrances are also often called essential oils sin they are extracted from plants.

Interestingly, almost any fragrance can be converted into an essential oil and you can find apple-walnut, butter, balsam amber, banana, lemon, coffee, cardamom, blackberry, amberwood, sandal and other fragrances that you can find in a nicely stocked shop that has soap supplies.



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