Soap Making How To

Soaps are basically made from lye and animal fat or vegetable oils. The process called saponification is one in which the fat hydrolyzes to form fatty acids that then react with the alkali to make soap. There are various kinds of soap that are available in the market today. Starting from basic soap that can produce different kinds of fragrances, lather and can have different kinds of texture, there are soaps that are meant especially for medicinal purposes too.

Some soap bars contain essential oils that are distilled directly from plant material but most of the fragrance soaps tend to have chemically produced fragrances that can remain stable in the soap. Hand milled soap can be created by grating soap and melting them with water again. There are some additional ingredients that are also used in this process. These are the kind of soaps that you can add into creative molds and make different designs out of.

How to make layered soap

Making soap is not tough once you have tried doing it on your own. There are also various supplies that are available in the market that help you create soap in the manner that you want. It is also not necessary for you to get involved into basic process of mixing alkali and fats in order to get the base soap. That is something that you can buy from the market in an arts and craft shop. What you...


How to make citrus soap

There are a lot of us that like soaps that have a citrus fragrance. These are the ones that make us feel fresh and energized to take on the challenging day ahead. You can make a citrus soap by simply using the melt and pour method and using citrus fragrance in the soap. However, if you would like you do something more advanced then you will need to get clear melt and pour, white melt and pour, n...


How to make soap, the easiest way

If you are starting to think about making soap, then you may want to start with the most basic of all techniques in which you just melt and pour the soap. However, this process also requires some technique and you need to know how to go about doing the same. You can get some soap bases in the market easily. Take a soap based and melt it in a double boiler. This is also a piece of equipment that...


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