How to make layered soap

Making soap is not tough once you have tried doing it on your own. There are also various supplies that are available in the market that help you create soap in the manner that you want. It is also not necessary for you to get involved into basic process of mixing alkali and fats in order to get the base soap. That is something that you can buy from the market in an arts and craft shop. What you should be concentrating on is the manner in which you can add your special touch to the soap with colors, designs and molds.

The layered soap is an interesting one that helps you get a new fragrance every time you go into the bathroom. You do not have to live with one kind for days to come before you can change it. Start with melting your base soap in a double boiler or the microwave. Make sure that the entire thing has melted by stirring and ensuring that there are no pieces left.

Divide the melted base into the number of layers that you want to create and add the specific color and fragrance that you want to. Sometimes this can go extremely wrong if your fragrances do not mingle well together. So decide whether you want to layer the soap with only colors or with different fragrances as well.

Pour the first layer in the mold and wait for approximately 15 minutes. As the skin begins to show, spray this layer with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles, oil clumps and dirt. Pour the second layer on top and wait for another 15 minutes to create the next layer. Create as many layers as you want and then wait for the soap to harden completely.



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