How to make citrus soap

There are a lot of us that like soaps that have a citrus fragrance. These are the ones that make us feel fresh and energized to take on the challenging day ahead. You can make a citrus soap by simply using the melt and pour method and using citrus fragrance in the soap. However, if you would like you do something more advanced then you will need to get clear melt and pour, white melt and pour, n...


How can you decide which fragrances or essential oils to blend when making soap?

The most interesting part of creating soap at home is the part where you add in fragrances and colors. It is the one thing that will define your soap when you use it. While you can always use a single fragrance or essential oil that is available in the market, trying to blend them can give you some interesting and innovative results. Essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore they shou...


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