How can you decide which fragrances or essential oils to blend when making soap?

The most interesting part of creating soap at home is the part where you add in fragrances and colors. It is the one thing that will define your soap when you use it. While you can always use a single fragrance or essential oil that is available in the market, trying to blend them can give you some interesting and innovative results. Essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore they should be used with care. The good thing about these oils is that they can be therapeutic in nature and therefore you may want to read about their properties so that you can use the ones that will help you achieve the results that you want.

When you want to blend scents you need to know that all fragrances can be classified into three notes - top middle and base. The top note is what you can smell immediately when you put a fragrance to your nose. This is generally a smell that is invigorating and uplifting. The middle note provides the body of the fragrance and is generally fuller. The base note or the end note is what provides depth to a fragrance and gives it the lingering effect. To create a fragrance you will need to use about 15 to 20 ml of a top note fragrance, 5 to 10 ml of middle note fragrance and 2.5 to 5ml of the end note for a batch of approximately 700 grams of soap.

Some of the top note fragrances are mandarin, lime, orange, spearmint and grapefruit. Middle note fragrances include tea tree, clary sage, lavender, rose, jasmine and geranium and the end notes ones are clove, oakmoss, sandalwood and cedarwood.



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