How to make soap, the easiest way

If you are starting to think about making soap, then you may want to start with the most basic of all techniques in which you just melt and pour the soap. However, this process also requires some technique and you need to know how to go about doing the same.

You can get some soap bases in the market easily. Take a soap based and melt it in a double boiler. This is also a piece of equipment that you should be able to find easily. However, if you do not want to invest in a double boiler for the soap making hobby you can use a couple of pans, one of which fits over the other. Fill the larger one with some water, place the soap base in the smaller one and put the smaller pan on the water in the larger pan. Some people also use the microwave for melting soap. If you are doing this then you need to make sure that you cover the containers that has the soap unless you want your food smelling of soap too. Melt some soap and then take the container out. You can then melt the remaining by mixing it in.

Remember to add in the fragrance that you are fond of after all the soap base has melted. This will ensure an even spread of the fragrance. You will also need to stir continuously till the base does not look cloudy. You can also add in essential oils at this stage.

Add in an eight of a teaspoon to a quarter of a teaspoon of colorant if you want your soap to look decorative and colorful. You can also spray 'mica bubbles' with rubbing alcohol. Pour the soap into the soap mold and remember to spray the top with rubbing alcohol so that there are no excess bubbles on the top. Remove the soap once it is hard and enjoy a great bath with your own handmade soap.



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