Soap melting tools

The most basic tools that you will need to make soap are soap melting tools. These are tools that you can use to melt the base soap that you can so easily find in the stores these days. It is not advisable to heat and melt soap bars directly on the fire. This is likely to give you an acrid smell and cause some reactions to occur. Soap has to be melted in a double boiler and therefore this is the first thing that you may need.

Some people do not like to invest specifically in a double boiler but this is not an issue since you can create your own double boiler easily. All you need Is 2 pans that are of a size wherein one can fit into the other. The larger pan can be filled with water and the smaller one can contain the base soap as it is placed on top of the water. It is a good idea to ensure that the smaller pan is a pouring pan so that you can pour out the melted base soap easily.

Some people also use the microwave for melting soap. When you are doing this you need to make sure that you remove the container after a minute or so and stir the soap mixture thoroughly to melt the remaining pieces. This should be done thoroughly to ensure that there is evenness in the temperature that exists across the soap. Flexible spatulas and ladles will therefore also be needed for stirring.



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