Natural color for soap

When you are creating homemade soap you would obviously like to color it with the specific colors that you like. There are various choices that you have with regards to the colorant that you can use. Most of the common ones that are available in the market are chemical laden colorants and therefore if you are looking for something that does not irritate your skin, you may want to resort to natural colorants. The choice that you have with regards to natural colorants is also fairly large and there is hardly any color that you shall not be able to achieve.

Interestingly a large number of the ingredients that you will need for natural coloring can be found in the kitchen. And if you do not have the stuff at home already then you will surely be able to get it in the grocery store nearby or the soap supplies shop.

To get the natural green color you have a choice of alfalfa, bentonite clay (gives a light ivory green), chamomile essential oil, chlorophyll, cucumber, green tea powder, ground henna or seaweed. You can achieve different shades of blue with alkanet, cornmeal, indigo roots, poppy seeds or spirulina. Yellowish orange tinges can be obtained with annatto seeds, calendula petals, curry powder, safflower petals and saffron, orange juice, paprika and pureed pumpkin. And the most favored pink hues can be obtained by using beet root, carrot juice, rose pink clay and tree lichen.

While you get great hues with natural ingredients the added advantage is also the beneficial effect that some ingredients like cucumber, pumpkin, chamomile and others have on your skin.



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